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certainty over the full faith and credit of the United States. Fitch forecast U.S. gross general government debt to peak at 100 percent of GDP in 2014 and this is below the thresh

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scopal Church and one person was pronounced dead at a hospital. The suspect, described by the police as a 21-year-old slender and clean-shaven white man, was still at large, said M

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lled at least two people and injured 232 others. It also affected some 35,000 people's lives due to shortage of basic daily necessities. Related: New wave of aftershocks shake qua

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ttractions in the southwest part of the country, which will host part of the 2014 Dakar Rally off-road endurance race, Culture and Tourism Minister Pablo Groux said Wednesday. The

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and configured in a very tight way so it's a little more difficult to get the body out," Faden said. The body was discovered at about 10 a.m., but officials spent much of the day

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told the media that "all is well" and that there was "no new news to report." McGrath said a day earlier that Bush was taken to hospital "as a precaution." He did not say whether

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ched with protesters and provided other support. The LA rally is the largest remaining round-the-clock civic occupation in the United States to raise social awareness about economi